Irrigation Districts


There are three independent non-profit quasi-municipality irrigation districts founded under Washington State Law that hold a contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, a division of the United States Department of Interior, to operate and maintain a portion of the Columbia Basin Project.

The water source servicing the irrigated lands within the district starts at Grand Coulee Dam, located in North Central Washington. The water is pumped up into the Banks Lake Reservoir. At the outlet of Banks Lake Reservoir is Dry Falls Dam, which regulates the amount of water entering into the irrigation project's Main Canal, which runs south from Dry Falls Dam to another reservoir called Billy Clapp Lake, formed by Pinto Dam. The Main Canal continues to a point North and East of Soap Lake, Washington, to the Main Canal Bifurcation. At this point, the Main Canal splits into the East Low Canal and the West Canal. The East Low Canal serves the East and South Columbia Basin Irrigation Districts, while the West Canal exclusively services the Quincy-Columbia Basin Irrigation District.

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East Columbia Basin Irrigation District (ECBID)

Lands irrigated in the ECBID are located in Adams and Grant Counties. ECBID serves 154,316 acres of land within the CBP.

PO Box "E"
55 North 8th
Othello Wa, 99344

Phone: 509 488-9671 | Fax: 509-488-6433

Manager: Craig Simpson
Treasurer: Steve Kimble
Attorney: Richard A Lemargie, 509-754-2493

ECBID Manager Craig Simpson

South Columbia Basin Irrigation District (SCBID)

The SCBID irrigates lands in Franklin County, with a small number of acres irrigated in Walla Walla County. SCBID serves 230,000 acres within the CBP.

PO Box 1006
1135 E Hillsboro Street, Suite A
Pasco, WA 99301

Phone: 509-547-1735 | Fax: 509 547-8669

Manager: Dave Solem
Assistant Manager/Chief Engineer: Tony Walsh
Treasurer: Michael Hamilton
Attorney: Richard A. Lemargie, 509 754-2493

SCBID Manager Dave Solem

Quincy Columbia Basin Irrigation District (QCBID)

The service area for the Irrigation District is bounded roughly to the North by Lake Lenore, to the South by the Saddle Mountains, to the East by Moses Lake, and to the West by the Columbia River. Cities within the District Boundaries include Soap Lake, Ephrata, Quincy, George, Royal City, and portions of Moses Lake, Washington. Service areas include most of Grant County and a small portion of Adams County. QCBID serves 250,380 acres within the CBP.

PO Box 188
1720 South Central Avenue
Quincy WA, 98848

Phone: 509-787-3591 | Fax: 509-787-3906

Manager: Darvin Fales
Assistant Manager: Roger Sonnischen
Assistant Manager: Troy Freeman
Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Douglas Kramer
Attorney: Richard A. Lemargie, 509-754-2493

QCBID Manager Darvin Fales